In the early 1920's the Barstad Family...
     Moved to Northern Minnesota and began a lifelong career of logging.
In those early day's Lady and Lucy (Grandpa's horse team) with a Getup, Go! Gee, Haw! would skid logs through the heavy winter snow along the winding skid trails to the Bigfork River.
From there they would float the logs to the mill.

     Each morning there would come a most wonderful smell
from the cook shack. It was grandma's pancakes. A hardy
full grain cake that would energize and sustain the men for
the hard day ahead.
            It's in that same spirit that we bring you
                          Barstad's pancake Mix
                "The Loggers Special"
     A fluffy full grain cake that will fill your kitchen with that
same wonderful smell and energize you for all your day brings .